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This is a Wiki to provide a catalog about all of it' aircraft from 1927-1991, along with some of it's competitors, now with over 100 articles. This wiki has a List of Pan Am Clippers. To see the list of clippers divided by Aircraft pages, see List of Aircraft.There is many clippers not named including the DC-7, 707, 717, C-47, some 727 and 737 ones and a few A310 ones, as well as some more. We need all hands on deck, to make it the best possible experience for PAN AM Fans. If you feel we have left out a Clipper, or information about them, edit and perfect it if you want to, otherwise, enjoy. We have 43 active users.


Come Fly With Me - The Story Of Pan Am (BBC Documentary) Full Episode51:21

Come Fly With Me - The Story Of Pan Am (BBC Documentary) Full Episode

The pan american story, the American dream

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